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Dr Wessam Atteya

  • Tips and recommendations for the overseas trained dentists in Australia

Dr Denise Bailey

  • Panel Discussion Moderator
Dr Bobby Birdi (Canada)
  • Panel Discussion
  • Dental implant maintenance: the dos & don'ts 
Dr Paola Bower
  • Implant complications in practice: real-time, best-practice information designed to ultimately improve patient outcomes

Dr Andrew Brostek (WA)
  • Use and misuse of tooth whitening
  • Minimum intervention practice – business model that works
  • Dental team driving your practice
Dr Gordon Burt
  • The longevity of anterior resin bonded bridges

Ms Stephanie Cassidy

  • Work safely and healthily – OHS and Fair Works
  • Be proactive with your posture
Dr Kenny Chong
  • Prosthetic management of spaces less than a full unit
Dr Sally Cockburn
  • How to be successful and still be living a life
Mr Steve Dardaganis
  • Be proactive with your posture / Postural Prophylaxis for the Dental Professional
Ms Tracey Duffy 
  • Updates on therapeutic good administration reforms (including Q&A)
 Dr Hossam El Haddad
  •  Professional challenges facing the overseas trained dentist in Australia

Ms Rose Fahey (SA)

  • Infection control – team approach
  • Infection control – redefining the DA, the infection control technician – a role of excellence
  • Supporting your dentist

Mr Albert Gigl

  • Practice improvement – more than just the bottom line
Dr Joseph Gunn
  • Oral surgery on third molars
Mr David Harry
  • Be proactive with your posture / Postural Prophylaxis for the Dental Professional
Dr Simon Hinckfuss
  • How to run a hygiene program
  • The 10 most important research studies that form the foundation of periodontal and restorative evidence based practice
Dr Alexander Holden (NSW)
  • Ethics and e-professionalism in the age of social media
Dr Kip Homewood 
  • Accelerated orthodontic treatments
Dr Cosimo Maiolo (SA)
  • Treatment and prognosis of deep cracks – to chase or not to chase
Mr Alan Mason
  • Radiation safety in dental practice: protecting you, your staff and your patients
Professor David Manton
  • Panel Discussion
Dr Elizabeth Milford (QLD)
  • Engaging staff in good record keeping – framework for a good record keeping system, software capabilities and tools
  • Dental records for dental assistants
Dr Simon Moore (QLD)
  • Oral pathology

Dr Kate Morlet-Brown

  • Facial aesthetics – use of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers by dentists
Dr Kelly Oliver
  • Getting the snip – tongue ties and frenae
Dr Nick Palfreyman
  • Prosthetic management of space of more than one unit

Dr Vahed Parzham
  • Clinical information gathering, diagnosis and treatment planning
Dr Carolina Perez Rodriguez
  • eviDent projects

Ms Brenda Ryan

  • The adult scope of practice: from the beginnings and its future

Professor Julian Savulescu
  • Anthony Roseman Memorial Lecture - Ethics through the lens of human enhancement 

Professor Stéphane Simon (France)

  • Tricalcium silicate and pulp vitality preservation
  • Panel Discussion
Professor John Sorensen (USA)
  • The convergence of modern materials and digital technology for enhanced prosthodontics – parts 1 and 2
Dr Eric Tan
  • Prevention of cracked teeth – do all heavily filled teeth need crowns? Can crowns be a disservice?
Dr Averil Tse
  • Etiology of cracked teeth: including different types of cracks

Ms Meena Whai

  • Cyber security and the risks

Dr Fern White
  • The three strategies to stress less, earn more and find your freedom in dentistry
Dr Alwyn Wong
  • Orthodontic management of space
Dr Michael Wyatt
  • Restorative challenges for the DHs & DOHTs
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